Heart's way - the way of the heart

Follow your heart

Folge Deinem Herzen

The path of the heart to your fulfilled life

Der Herzcode® Coach mit Herz Christian Rupp

The way of the heart (follow your heart)

Many people ask themselves: Where is the path of the heart? Where can I find it or where is it visible? Am I alone on the path of the heart or is someone coming with me? Can a “happiness coach” show me the way? First of all, I would like to confirm with a clear YES that you can find your heart’s path. The path of your heart is comparable to your life path in that you follow your heart daily. No one but yourself can find your heart’s path. A happiness coach can show you any path that he himself knows. But the true start of the heart’s path is always the HEART code. Here the HEART code takes the orientation map.

Every person is individual: the character, the qualities, the motives and also the thinking. Who has ever asked themselves why one thing or another is so important to them? Why am I the way I am? Why do I “tick” like this? Why is someone particularly good at something and I have completely different interests and abilities? All these questions have an overarching meaning: we all started life with a “coding”. We have an “individual mission” and are empowered to fulfil this mission in the sense of our destiny and calling. It is precisely this coding that gives our lives our “meaning”. No one is here by chance. “But what am I here for?” you may ask. No, this has nothing to do with esotericism, but shows a holistic picture of a holistic life and consciousness.

The HEART code includes everything that is “engraved” or “encoded” in your heart. It begins with the initial information that was given to you at the start of your life: It is the destiny and calling why someone is in this world. Other characteristics belong to your personality so that you can carry out your vocation. No human being lives for an end in itself, but each of us has a social or societal “mission” (=destiny) to achieve something “for” or “with” other people. Other people are born to leave a footprint on this earth or even a notch in the universe. All this is mapped in the HEART code.

In the course of your life, further information is stored in the HEART code, which is beyond memory. So far, research has looked for the “location of the soul” of a person in different parts of the body. However, since the soul is immaterial, science has hardly found a way to handle it and even questions the soul, let alone that there is a superior power with a plan for each individual. It doesn’t matter whether you call this power God, universe or energy.

In the early 1990s, researchers discovered that the heart has its own “memory”. Since then, it has been scientifically proven that there are around 40,000 neurons, i.e. brain cell-like cells, in the heart. This becomes particularly noticeable in heart transplants, because the recipient of a “foreign heart” often shows personality changes. This is exemplified in the book “My Foreign Heart” by Charlotte Valandrey. Last but not least, we also speak of “heart decisions”, “heart versus head/sense”, “broken heart” and many other idioms. We use this knowledge and build on the fact that heart and brain have “memories”, “knowledge” and “decision-making competences”. While the hemispheres of the brain are responsible for knowledge, creativity, etc. and knowledge is only developed in the course of life, the heart is responsible for perceptions, emotions and the supply of the body with blood and all necessary substances even before birth.

The decoding of the HEART code is done with carefully worked out tools and involves body, soul and spirit. People who have decoded their HEART code quickly find more self-confidence and self-awareness and the path to a truly fulfilled life. They not only understand themselves better but discover new areas of potential. Often there are inner confirmations up to a “wow effect”. Those who shape their second half of life on the basis of the HEART code will have more success in terms of arrival, happiness and balance. It is obvious that this will also have a positive influence on career, relationships and personality.



Life Performance Mentoring specialises in guiding people, regardless of their background, history and personality, their way into their calling, their potentials and into a fulfilled and happy life. It is a fulfilling life on the heart’s path, which looks like it fits the HEART code. Those who do not follow this path remain searching and can lose a lot of life energy.

Fulfilment comes from regularly “living out” the primal dispositions for one’s meaningful life and thereby also experiencing deep satisfaction on a daily basis. Of course, there can be stormy times in life from time to time, which do not lead you away from your heart’s path and should be seen as opportunities for correction. These moments should rather be seen as life tests or stages. If you take it step by step, you will become stronger and grow into your potential.

For those who do not feel on this path of the heart, here are 6 steps on how to find this path:

Conduct an assessment of where you are

  1. Decode your HEART code
  2. Make decisions
  3. Courage to change
  4. Strong self-confidence
  5. Go new ways

The HEART code at work and in business

Knowing one’s own HEART code supports working people who need a new perspective. An analysis can be advisable for partially “less productive” employees who are overtaxed or in the wrong role. Likewise, the employer with social responsibility can re-integrate long-time employees after an interruption. To maximise the win-win situation, cooperation between employer, employee and mentor can be useful.

The HERZcode personality analysis also helps to reduce interpersonal tensions and to bring emotional stability to employees and teams.

Life Stations and Life Stages

Life consists of different segments or stages. We all move through our 8 areas of life. We can label the life stages as love (own personality/couple relationship), families, friends, health/fitness, vocation, finances, leisure and spirituality. When we label the life stages, we usually borrow from the 7-year methodology and know that the HEART code tends to remain stable with the vocation except for a few areas.

The HEART code plays an important role in all these stages of life. It provides us humans with an orientation guide and shows us how we can continue. Those who have deciphered the HEART code find their vocation and their meaningful life. At this point I would also like to refer to the announced book, which will probably be published in 2022 Q3. I am pleased that I have already been allowed to release this book for pre-order.

Every stage of life strengthens us and moves us forward. It is nice (but not always easy) to be prepared for the next stage.

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