The Book: HERZcode

The book: The HEART Code – The magic of your calling and unleash your life

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The book HERZcode: The HEART Code - The magic of your calling and unleash your life

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While the world is being transformed, the professional and personal environment including the people do not remain untouched. Those who have read the book know themselves well and can better orient themselves in the new world. It is good to know who I really am, what I am called to do in this time and where my limits lie. Knowing and respecting these limits helps us not to burn out and to ensure success and happiness in other areas of life.

The HEART code was developed over years of work and contains numerous gold nuggets, wisdom and laws relevant to success. It is the key to achieving more fulfilment in all areas of life and contributing more to society without sacrificing oneself. This makes the HEART code in connection with the Life Performance System the perfect preparation for the coming times. It’s not only about your professional reorientation, career opportunities or potential development. Yes, it is also about your character, your belief patterns and thus also about strengthening your self-confidence and consciousness.

It is with great anticipation that I am already announcing the book “HERZcode”, which is due to be published in the second quarter of 2023. The book is a key to a fulfilled life and explores numerous essential questions of the heart.

All these questions and more will be answered with the help of the HEART code:

  • Who am I? What can I do?
  • What do I want?
  • Why am I the way I am?
  • What are my original predispositions and potentials?
  • What (work) content gives my life meaning and fulfilment?
  • What do I need or what do I have to do to be happy?
  • And many other topics …

The HEART code is holistic:

  • Consideration of the heart’s calling in all 3 dimensions of body, soul and spirit.
  • Influence on all areas of life according to the Life Performance System:
    • Own personality and mindset
    • Relationships such as couples, family and friends or in teams
    • Choice of profession and professional reorientation
    • Finances and wealth
      Health and spirituality
  • Includes over 30 topics and methods and is therefore unique.

Great benefit for you: If you are interested in these topics, you should definitely buy this book or give it as a gift:

  • Strengthening your own personality and impact on relationships and teams.
  • Perspectives with more clarity, focus and ease in your whole life.
  • Guidance to develop your full potential and expand your comfort zone.
  • Getting into action and finding your heart’s calling step by step.
  • Simply celebrate breakthroughs and never be blocked again.
    Be mentally strong in all situations.
  • Many tried and tested tips and tricks from life and for life.

Choose all your additional products:

  • The Workbook*:
    • We paid a lot of attention to the Workbook, because it helps you to do your personal exercises immediately.
    • GIFT: 1h free coaching
      Optionally, the Workbook can be ordered as an eWorkbook at a reduced price. So you can repeat your exercises from time to time and observe your personal growth.
    • Digital package*:
      eBook, so that you can work on yourself and put it into practice immediately after the book is published.
      With the audio book you can also keep up with sports, chores or travelling.
    • Lots of bonus material with the digital package.
      * Can only be ordered in conjunction with the book.

Who benefits most from this book?

Unlike previous books and methods, this is about the HEART code, the so-called “heart programming” on one’s own life. This programming encompasses the human being in all 3 dimensions. Only those who know their HEART code also know where the heart is at home and where the career path goes without burning out.

The book is a MUST for every woman and every man to finally arrive in life, to make a career in accordance with the code without burning out. The book also helps the reader to get to know themselves better and thereby gain more self-confidence and self-awareness. The HEART code brings hidden potential to light and thus also helps to expand the comfort zone.

All in all, the book is suitable for all those employed women and men who are looking for new perspectives for their lives or who want to find their right path in the variety of possibilities.

Yes, this book is also for coaches and multi-level marketers (MLM) who want to lead people into their calling. The book also helps aspiring coaches/MLMs in their own examination of whether they want to become self-employed or should rather remain employed. If the coach/MLM is already self-employed, this book also supports them in developing their own potential and optimising them to become more successful.

Yeah! The book "Entschlüssle deinen HERZcode" (Decipher your HEART code) is on pre-sale (publication approx. Q4 2023).

The book ” Decipher your HEART code” is about aligning your life with the coding in your heart.

Important: I will give you your copy of ” Decipher your HEART code” as a GIFT. You only pay for the shipping and logistics. Take advantage of this unique purchase promotion now.

During the pre-sale your order is on hold until it is released. After that, your order will be shipped with priority.

The book will be published in the following forms:

Note: Final appearance and title of the book or workbook may differ from the image shown.


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