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The HEART code is the key to your future.

Life Coaching Method with the HEART Code

Every person is unique

His character, his temperament, his motives for action and, of course, his thinking.

Why do I live? Why am I the way I am? Why do I behave in a certain way? Why is someone else “knitted” quite differently? Why do I have completely different interests, talents and abilities than other people I know?

The answer to all these questions is of central importance: We all started life with a certain“coding“. We have an “individual mission” and are empowered to carry out that mission in the spirit of our purpose and calling.

And exactly this coding gives our life its very own “meaning”. No one is here by chance.

And this has nothing to do with esotericism! The individual coding is a holistic picture of a holistic life and consciousness.

That’s what the HEART code is all about.

In the meantime, the HEART code includes more than 40 scientific topics and various methods, “rounded off” by my experience in working with more than 1,000 people.

The coaching method “The HEART Code” (German HERZcode) includes everything that is “engraved” or “engraved” in your heart. is “coded in”.

It begins with the initial information that was given to you at the start of your life: It is the destiny and vocation why someone is in this world. This includes other qualities to your personality so that you can carry out your vocation.

No human being lives for an end in itself, but each of us has a social or societal “mission” (=determination) to effect something “for” or “with” other people. Other people are born to leave a footprint on this earth or even a notch in the universe. All of this is mapped in the HEART code.

In the course of your life, further information of the subconscious is stored in the HEART code, which is beyond the mind resp. of consciousness are.

Up to now, research has looked for the “place of the soul” of a person in different parts of the body. However, since the soul is immaterial, science has hardly found a way to handle it and even questions the soul, let alone even that there is a superior power with a plan for every human being.

It does not matter whether you call this power God, universe, energy or quantum field.

Scientific basis of the coaching method HERZcode

Researchers discovered in the early 1990s that the heart has its own “memory.”

Since then, it has been scientifically proven that there are about 40,000 neurons, i.e. brain cell-like cells, in the heart. This is particularly noticeable in heart transplantation, because the recipient of a “foreign heart” often exhibits personality changes. This is exemplified in the book “My Foreign Heart” by Charlotte Valandrey.

Last but not least, we also talk about “heart decisions”, “heart vs. head/mind”, “broken heart” and many other idioms.

We use this knowledge and build on the fact that the heart and brain have “memories”, “knowledge” and “decision-making skills”. The heart also has communication abilities and its own “field” of perception.

While the cerebral hemispheres are responsible for knowledge, creativity, etc. and knowledge is developed only in the course of life, the heart takes care of perceptions, emotions as well as supply of the body with blood and all necessary substances even before birth.

Benefits of the HEART code

The decoding of the HEART code is done with carefully crafted tools and involves body, soul and spirit. People who have decoded their HEART code quickly find more self-confidence and self-awareness and the path to a truly fulfilling life.

Not only do they understand themselves better, but they discover new areas of potential or are better able to deal with the limits of their own personality: They are inner “confirmations” up to a “wow effect”. Those who shape their second half of life on the basis of the HEART code will have more success in the sense of arriving anew, finding meaning, happiness, balance and living their vocation.

It is obvious that this will also have a positive influence on career, relationships and personality.

The HEART code for career choice and professional reorientation

As a result of digitization, meaningful work is being relocated, replaced or combined with other tasks. This leads to new task distributions, roles and job descriptions. These task shifts can have a direct impact on employee job satisfaction.

Digitization and artificial intelligence will change entire job profiles in the coming years. That’s why it’s a good idea to take stock every few years and reassess your professional orientation and potential.

Numerous professionals have tasks, competencies and responsibilities (AKV) in their job description, which do not match their personality.

Knowing one’s own HEART code supports working people who are looking for a new perspective. Analysis may be advisable for “low productivity” employees who are overworked or in the wrong role. Likewise, the employer with social responsibility, can make re-integration of long-time employees after a break.

In order to bring about a maximum win-win-win situation, the cooperation between employer, employee, social security and mentor can become useful.

The HERZcode personality analysis also helps to reduce interpersonal tensions and to make employees and teams emotionally strong.

Personality analysis with the HEART code

In career choice and personality development, for example, we can acquire professional leadership skills, but not everyone becomes happy and successful with them.

Some succeed and flourish, while others expend all their energy, fail and burn out. In this context, certain coaches sell a false hope that you have everything in you and can do to become president of a country.

This is wrong! Not all of them are capable of doing this. appointed. Likewise, with “get-rich-quick coaches,” the lure of quick money is great, but few are successful.

Widely used psycho- and personality analyses, which consider the human being without “heart”, are one-sided and incomplete. They will only look at the person concerned or seeking advice from the mind and schema-F and will never be able to grasp a living access to the innermost part of a person.

This is exactly where the HERZcode comes in and creates the complementary basis for a holistic 360° personality development, which takes into account professional inclinations and personal characteristics.

Heart-Brain Coherence

A balanced interaction between heart and brain is heart-brain coherence. Those who pay attention to heart-brain coherence have less stress in life and live healthier.

Their effect was researched by Harvard Business Review, among others, and published in the July 2003 published.

We have already shown above that the heart is more than just a “blood pump”. The heart can think, feel and help with decisions. It also has supernatural abilities. The heart can “see” and perceive or communicate the invisible. Our physical heart thus has an impact on a person’s body, soul and spirit and their performance and well-being.

But the heart also has an influence on our environment and can even be perceived by others.

Unjustifiably, the topics around heart rate, charisma and “aura” are dismissed into esotericism, although these are also scientifically researched and confirmed.

In the normal school literature for coaching and psychology trainings one speaks of “social imprints”, “gut feeling” or “intuition” or similar.

Only heart rate variability HRV is recognized in today’s medicine and visualizes the effects of a lack of heart-brain coherence due to different heartbeat frequencies. If this coherence is absent for too long, numerous common and heart diseases are attributed to this circumstance.


The matrix of the HEART code

Heart Code® Vocation Fulfillment Finding Maximum Life Performance

Your personality is diverse and complex and depends on numerous factors. The HEART code includes vocation, personal predispositions, mind set issues as well as important criteria to lead a happy and fulfilled life.

It is different when someone has decoded his/her HEART code and knows the connections: he/she lives his/her life more consciously and arrives on the outside with authenticity, integrity and also resilience. Life is easier, clearer, more fulfilling, happier and you live in balance. The body also experiences less stress and is therefore less overacidified, which in turn has a positive effect on health and heart. Further advantages are generally also to be found in interpersonal relationships or in the use of the Internet. in a new ability to relate.


How do I decode my HEART code?

Life Performance Mentoring uses the HERZcode exclusively. It guides people step by step to transform their own life situation into a new and holistic, fulfilled and happy life.

The “Design your Life” approach is taken in the sense of living a life filled from within with the knowledge that the outside will follow the inside. Finding the right vocation and not burning out (anymore) is central.

The Life Performance Formula 7P with the HEART code is used. The path of decoding is optimized on finding vocation, unfolding potentials, turning obstacles into steps as well as healthy self-confidence including. emotional strength, live authentically, act with integrity and achieve goals resiliently.

Mentoring can take place online through the Life Performance Academy, through 1:1 coaching sessions, or in workshops. The Life Performance Academy is regularly revised and optimized based on new insights, trends and customer feedback. After a coaching program, this is available in the Academy for a whole 2 years  incl. of all innovations and enhancements.

In the Academy and in mentoring, over 40 topics and methods are applied from relevant scientific findings from neurology, personality development, leadership, pos. Psychology, medicine and laws of nature.

Previous participants have come from all professional groups and management levels, self-employed coaches as well as unemployed and IV pensioners.

Life & Business Performance Mentoring for Companies

Speeches, lectures and workshops for company events, management and team building as well as planned restructurings and outplacements can be booked. The same applies to clubs, associations and social services for the reintegration of job-seekers.

"The HEART code contains the only true blueprint for life. It encompasses your primal dispositions, your calling, as well as your maximum potentials."
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Christian Rupp

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