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Co-Authoring with BESTSELLER author Brian Tracy

Christian Rupp is an ex IT manager and father of three. He completely designed his life in his early 50s. After his low point in life, he investigated the question of whether there was a “calling” and what potential he still had. As an engineer of two with years of leadership experience, he sought answers to the most important questions of life and being. As the boundaries of science, neurology and psychology were too narrow, he also researched spirituality and historiography. From over 40 findings, he developed the HERZcode® and the associated method to guide people into their calling, new perspectives and their full primal potential. In collaboration with a university of applied sciences, he continues to create new insights.

As a trainer, coach & mentor, speaker and founder of the Life Performance Academy, Christian Rupp is a recognised expert in his field. As a board member and training partner of the Swiss umbrella organisation for personality training V-P-T, he is also in demand from state employment measures, a burnout clinic and doctors. Currently, there are also requests from insurance companies to support people in their lives with the help of his holistic method, because the successes can be seen and counted for everyone involved. The international best-selling author and success trainer Brian Tracy says “Christian Rupp is one of the most innovative and best trainers, coaches and mentors. With him, success is the programme.”


  • Development of potential 
  • Reorientation 
  • Building self-esteem and self-confidence


  • Edition 1 / August 2023
  • over 260 pages


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