Our mission statement & values for you

Our mission statement & values are your asset!

Our Philosophy

We live our values.
Our mission is the HEART code.


We believe in the good in people. We build on the core values of our culture, which include appreciation, respect and trust. We encourage and empower people regardless of their culture, origin and gender.

In line with socio-political and sociological changes, we are ready to support our clients with the best relevant tools for personal development in order to facilitate the most sustainable life change possible.

Our regular training as well as our own analyses enable future-oriented solutions.

We build on our own values as well as the values of the client and lead her/him into self-determined life.

We carry and live our values every day.


We see in every person the good potential and the will to want to shape and lead their best life. We accompany and support people who want to make more out of their lives on their own responsibility.

Reaching people, touching their lives and hearts holistically and “moving” them into their desired vocation and potentials; yes, this also moves our hearts. We live our mission daily by looking at each person holistically and making no distinction between any social status.

We recognise that we are not in this world by chance and that each person has a calling on their life. This calling is contained in the HEART code and we rely on the best form of Life Performance Mentoring to work out this HEART code with the client, including his or her potentials.

For us, the HEART code is the individual basis for achieving a fulfilled and happy life, whereby the client is responsible for aligning his life with his calling in order to arrive at inner fulfilment.

Independent of many discussions, we strengthen women and men in their needs to live authentically, with integrity and resilience.

Neuorientierung Coach Christian Rupp in Zürich, Schweiz
berufliche und private Neuorientierung


Our vision is that every human being finds his or her true calling for life and can live in it in happiness and fulfilment with his or her loved ones, regardless of origin, age, marital status, gender and social status.

The basis for every healthy state is healthy people with healthy relationships and healthy and sustainable value systems.

That is why we work on the best Life Performance System, which is sure to get you further. Our own quality processes support us in this.

WE pick you up in today and help you to fill your HEART code with perspectives and visions. We are there for you.

You yourself are the best contribution to this world.

Life is the rarest thing in the world - most people only exist.
(Oskar Wilde)
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Christian Rupp