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Personal Coaching. Work with Christian on your personal and private reorientation or one of his coaching programmes. With his heart code you will find the key to your calling and your true happiness.


Christian Rupp, Life Performance Mentor Zürich

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Christian Rupp
Life Performance Mentoring
Rainstrasse 10
CH-8330 Pfäffikon
Kanton Zürich

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+41 43 542 94 62



The *****-star-MENTOR with a heart. The best mentor! He has a lot of experience and the latest knowledge on how people really get ahead. Really! I participated in WINNER's winter group. He helped me a lot in thinking, in life and in my job. I have grown a lot beyond myself. I was able to dissolve old things and for more than a year I have been applying what I learned, his principles and his tips for success. Everyday life has become much easier. Christian knows a lot, is patient and has a big empathic heart. If a situation doesn't seem to be solvable for me, I can turn to Christian. That helps me a lot and also gives me serenity. Thank you Christian for your coaching and your time🙏 I am very satisfied. Christian, I wish you many successes for your appearance at the "SwissSpeakerSlam 2021".
Meine Erfahrung mit Christian Rupp
V. H.

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